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Isabel Marant Teinsy Cross Body Bag Black FVdZXGLgl
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~ Written by E. Kristin Anderson

Recently I wrote this piece for Project Educate: Publishing Week over at . But I thought it would be relevant and interesting to my readers here, too, so here it is! I’m sharing it! Enjoy!

I’m so glad you’re here. Because, as a poet and chapbook author, I get this question a lot. AND, since chapbooks are an important part of poetry publishing — both in terms of what we consume as readers and what propels us forward as career poets — any poet with publishing aspirations should know about them!

The Short Version:

A chapbook, sometimes referred to as a pamphlet, is like a mini collection of poetry. Usually between fifteen to thirty pages (though some folks say anything under 50 pages is a chapbook), these are like little samplers of a poet’s work. Usually the chapbooks are pretty cheap, between $6 and $12, which also makes them super fun and easy to collect for readers.

Chapbooks were popularized in Europe in the 16th century, and were mostly produced for consumption by folks who might not otherwise be able to buy books. They were made on the cheap and weren’t always pretty, but that worked out, since, back in the day, they were often discarded and repurposed after reading. We didn’t see them for a while after the 19th century, but within the last hundred years, they’ve popped up again, primarily in poetry circles, but also as a venue for short prose.

Often chapbooks work within a theme. Because they are short, there has to be a feeling that the poems are somehow interconnected, even more so than in a full-length collection. Threads that connect poems in a chapbook could be anything from a specific topic (like current events, mythology, or pop culture) to a poetic method (using a fixed form for each poem, found poetry from a specific source text, or some other challenge) to personal poems that tell a story.

Sticking to historical tradition, there’s a DIY ethic (much like with modern zines) that’s popular in the chapbook world. Many chapbooks you find in stores or at readings are still hand-made, often silkscreened or hand-bound with needle and thread. Sometimes you can see where the publisher has cut the paper just slightly off, and stapled the books together with love. Sometimes unique bookbinding and printing techniques are used that you couldn’t use for mass-produced books. Of course, there are chapbooks that are perfect bound (where the spine is flat, rather than stapled or stitched, which is called saddle stitch) on “regular” paper, using contemporary methods. One style isn’t necessarily better than the other, but they’re both totally legit. It’s also worth noting that the DIY nature of chapbooks makes them an easy and accessible way for poets to self-publish work, which they can then distribute and sell at readings.


2017-18 BT School Year Calendar
2017-18 Key Dates Calendar

2018-19 Blessed Trinity Summer Assignments

Dear Parents,

In the links below you will find all the summer assignments for Blessed Trinity students this coming school year.On each of the links, specific instructions and detailed information about assignment requirements and expectations can be found.Please note that all assignments are due at the time specified by the instructor.If you have any questions of clarity, please contact the respective teacher for the course. For all English courses, please contact the department head, Ms. Kim Yates ( ), if you have questions.

The assignments are divided by department.You will need to know what courses your child has signed up for in order to view the correct assignments. Your child may be scheduled to take multiple courses on this list so please make sure s/he completes ALL necessary assignments for EACH course s/he is scheduled to take next year. Please note that some courses have more than one assignment that must be completed. Please make sure your student completes their assignments prior to the first day of school. They should follow the instructions for each assignment which may require turning in all or part of it prior to the first day.

Please make sure your student completes their assignments prior to the first day of school. They should follow the instructions for each assignment which may require turning in all or part of it prior to the first day.

English Department

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